Why tho?

It has been a long journey of “should I?… shouldn’t I?” with this blog, along with essays upon essays of messages to close friends asking what they think. Since my distancing from all social media, I feel as if I am out of touch with the online world thus suggesting an online blog would not be the best idea for me and perhaps I should stick to my journal.

The bottom line is that I feel like in my 23 years of life (wow, I’m old) I’ve had many interesting experiences. I have a lot of stories to tell and dammit¬†I’m going to tell them!

Stories and thoughts include:

  • Moving from London to Canada at the age of 16 (hormones at that time were super gr8)
  • Experiencing traditional parts of high school life in England as an outsider through the internet: how I dealt with not being a part of events I always assumed I would get to physically experience
  • Moving back to London for university and being away from my parents for the first time, literally, ever (as a “typical” South Asian that’s a pretty big deal)
  • Harry Potter rants and DEEP analysis of the plot (because, of course)
  • Disney conspiracy theories
  • Adjusting from one Western culture to another whilst maintaining Eastern cultural values
  • Transforming from an outgoing and lively teen to an introverted and antisocial adult and why I am completely happy with this change
  • Crazy holiday stories, like when I fell in a crowded restaurant in Dubai and everyone saw… and every time I tried to stand up I would trip over my long gown… that was fun…
  • Random childhood memories of some questionable “games” I played… like when I and my cousins hid our three-year-old siblings on the roof… and then forgot about them… lol oops
  • Being a strong independent¬†Asian woman who don’t need no man (just my parents and all the support and money they can give)

Additionally, I have an opinion on practically everything and would love a space where I can ponder my thoughts in a critical way.

So… yeah… this is happening. *Holds breath*