I remember this one period in my life when I thought that someone was following me wherever I went and playing the flute so I could hear but not see in an effort to make me feel as if I had gone crazy.

I was living alone and had this fridge that would make a weird humming noise after you closed it (which was often) BUT I DID NOT KNOW THAT!! so I would periodically hear this humming noise and convinced myself it was a flute in my head.

Then I would be out and about with friends and I would hear the same flute noise. I’d dart around like a bird trying to locate the source (my brain, I was losing it).

It got to the point where this flute noise was a regular part of my dreams and I had fully accepted that I would spend the rest of my life hearing a flute that no one else could.

Eventually, I realised it was the fridge… and that I was not being followed by flute playing midgets (in my head they were midgets, that’s how they hid so well)

Yo… living alone affords one some interesting experiences.


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